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Fresh baked japanese cheesecake. A touch sweet and perfectly airy.

Our Story

Japanese cheesecakes are something of a legend in the world of sweets, with their jiggly pillowy texture, and mouthwatering flavors that make them the most wanted sweets. But now, we are Baking them with a twist, a twist of Uncle Osaka.

Special Times

With Uncle Osaka, Birthday cakes, anniversaries, are so amazing.

Whether it’s as a birthday cake, Valentine’s Day gift, or any other special occasion cake, Uncle Osaka’s Japanese cheesecake is all you need. Apart from serving the best birthday cakes, we also specialize in Mochi, taiyaki and many other delicious drinks.


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It isn’t just Cake. We serve a variety of drinks and delicacies to satisfy your taste buds and make sure you get the best experience with us.


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